Let's start our journal


A product without a story is like a brownie made of sweet potatoes - pretending to be equally tasty as the one including chocolate, but not even quite as good. That’s why I truly believe in power dressing and started Undress Code because I felt like it would help many women similar to me. The main inspiration for a lingerie brand was my experience of working in a big company, which is associated with a fast pace of life. At that time, I was looking for underwear that would meet my expectations. A real mission impossible, I must admit. I didn't find it, so I decided to create it on my own. 

As cliché as it sounds, back in my childhood, I always loved flicking through beautiful fashion magazines and watching fashion shows. However, it was only 10 years ago, when I discovered how fascinating and serious the whole fashion industry is, so it began as a professional dream and path for me. I did a few internships in well-known Polish fashion brands and started studying at Warsaw School of Economics, which was followed by my position in the Management Consulting department at Accenture. I deliberately chose it, because I always knew that brand development is not just about the sense of fashion, but also hard work and business knowledge. However, my interest in fashion won, and after a few years, I took a chance to live in Milano, studying fashion and design management at Bocconi University. 

Undress Code is a woman - powerfulindustrious and feminine. She knows she can be powerful and sexy when she feels like it, but it doesn’t mean she needs to be wearing high-heels every day. It means to make conscious choices, no matter if career- or private-wise. 

Our underwear is sewn in a seamless way to make it as comfortable as possible. What we’re trying to achieve though, is to empower women to think about their convenience and believe in themselves, being prettyenough, smart enough, educated enough, valuable enough and show us all that we simply can. On the top of that, we want our products to be a symbol of the modern and entirely fulfilled female. Fast fashion was cool a decade ago - everyone grasped with cheap clothing and its availability but nowadays, thankfully, the level of social knowledge about fair-trade production and the importance of quality is constantly raising. As a brand, we not only support women and their initiatives, but also invest in the best fabrics and care about pays for people working during every little step of the production. 

Yeah, now that you’ve read all of that, do you feel like it’s rubbish? That we’re actually trying to force you into buying our stuff so that you could feel better in your skin? We’re not impressed at all, that’s probably a natural behaviour since we all live in the world ruled by sells and income. But the truth is, I’m now writing this, sitting in my bedroom office, dreaming my voice will reach at least one of you. I opened this business a few months ago and now I decided to talk here, on Undress Code’s Journal about our visions more closely, show you our inspirations, share the thoughts I get every day and, what I’m more excited than you’d possibly believe I am, getting to know the real UC community. Let me know what you do, who you are and what you expect from the underwear you’d love to use on daily basis. And always #bewellundressed!